Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Hope everyone had a peaceful, healthy and merry Christmas! We stayed in Houston, so we did not get the chance to be with our families. Yet, thanks to skype, it almost felt as if our family was here with us.

Alike last year (though I never blogged about them...), I managed to make matching pajamas for Teresa and Manuel. 

The fabric is a jersey blend knit from Girl Charlee. I choose red and green for Teresa and 
blue and green for Manuel. 

The fabric is very soft and I really love the print. The only issue is that this jersey only has 30% stretch, which can be problematic depending on the pattern used.

I used the Heidi and Finn's All you need Jammies. I think this pattern is perfect! It comes with a number of options: long sleeve t-shirt, t-shirt, leggings, lounge pants, shorts, gathered t-shirt and nightgown.  So, if you have this pattern you really do not need to buy any other pattern for knit pajamas. The instructions are also clear and the construction is flawless. Perfection! 

I chose the long-sleeve shirt with leggings for both Teresa and Manuel.

The pattern asked for a fabric with at least a 50% stretch, which was a problem, since my fabric only had 30%. I decided to use one size up, 5 for Manuel (which fits a 4) and 10 for Teresa (which would fit a size 8 with a different fabric). I was a little worried, but it worked! 

I like how they turned out and most importantly Teresa and Manuel don't want to take them off. 

You may have noticed that I made a mistake when cutting Manuel's t-shirt and the pattern is upside down... 

It took me a while to convince him that frogs and castles are way cooler that reindeers and hearts...but he was convinced!) Uff...

Happy Holidays!!

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