Wednesday, October 21, 2015


My baby boy turned 4 this month! :-) I decided I would make new pants and a new shirt for him to use on his birthday, but eventually, I was only able to finish the pants.... I cut the shirt and started sewing it, but the fabric is too lightweight and my machine decided to eat it instead of sewing it... maybe I should have changed the needle or do some voodoo, or something, but the fact is that I have zero tolerance to sewing machine moods. Something tells me that if I go and try to finish the shirt now, I will have no problems... anyways, I really need to invest on more sewing patterns for my son, because I keep on repeating the same ones over and over again... 

The pattern used for the pants is Citronille's Ursule (you can see other versions of this pattern here and here). I simply added more length and omitted the elastic in the pants' hems. I love Citronille patterns, the instructions are not great, but I am totally used to it, so no issues here. These pants are very very easy to make and the side pockets give it a cool look.

In this photo, Manel is wearing the pants with an old handmade shirt: the Mulberry Tunic (I talked about this shirt here). 

For the fabric I used a blend of linen and cotton, in light blue, purchased here. I really like the fabric, though it is not very soft.

Hope you liked it!

Now, don´t forget to stop by on Friday because I will be showing my creation for the Ottobre Design Tour. :-)


Anonymous said...

Tão giro Soraia!
Ele cresceu imenso! 4?!
I found it a bit difficult to sew with Citronille patterns when I started, but I don't. Maybe I just got used to them, as well :)
PS. I'll be with you next Friday! Can't wait <3

Anonymous said...

Que giro e crescido que está o Manel!! Gosto muito das calças, ficam-lhe bem e parecem ser muito práticas;-)
Engraçado como aquilo que ao início achava pouco claro agora já me parece perfeitamente normal! Partilho da mesma opinião em relação aos moldes Citronille:-)

Soraia said...

Obrigada!! Can't wait to see what you are doing on Friday as well! ;-)

Soraia said...

Obrigada!! ;-)

Rita said...

Esta enorme! Um borracho ;-)!!! Parabens ao Manel!

Andreia Salgueiro said...

Beeem, vou dizer o mesmo, mas ele está mesmo giro e crescido! Já não pego nos meus Citronille há que tempos, mas gosto sempre de ver os teus, o conjunto está tão giro, essa cor de linho é perfeita!

Soraia said...

Obrigada! :-)

Soraia said...

Obrigada! :-)

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