Monday, May 4, 2015



I have been feeling really tired in the past few weeks and though I have acquired many new patterns recently, I haven't got the energy to print them, glue them, cut them so I can finally cut the fabric. I really love to sew, but those preliminaries are just way too boring! So, when I am really in the mood to sew but not at all in the mood to cut patterns, I simply use a pattern that has already been tested. And so I made my third version of Oliver and S' After School Pants! So far this is my favorite pattern for girl pants. 

In my previous versions I used (the same) denim, but this time I wanted to make them more girly, so I used a floral quilting fabric purchased at Walmart (did not know they carry fabric, but they do and they do have some lovely prints!).

I already knew the instructions were impeccable, so making these pants was a real pleasure. 

I think they fit perfectly on Teresa, but she did complaint about the length of the legs. I don't think they are that big, so I think I am keeping their length and just fold them a bit for now.

Cute right?


Diana said...

So cute! She is quite the model! Love the little ruffle on the pockets, great detail. I actually don't mind the assembling the pattern and cutting, I find it very relaxing, but I'm weird!

Anonymous said...

The pants are lovely and the fabric print is adorable. Teresa is such a great model ;-)
I feel the same about printing, cutting and everything that takes before start sewing!

Conversas de Hermanas said...

I love these pants.... The flower fabric it's perfect! Need to make Teresinha some new ones, tks for the inspiration!

Soraia said...

Thanks Maria João! Teresa was particularly inspired here! Glad I am not the only one that gets bored with those thinks! ;-)

Soraia said...

Thanks Diana! We are all weird I think! ;-)

Soraia said...

Best pants ever! I want to see your version! I am also thinking about making a shorts version... ;-)

Andreia Salgueiro said...

I already loved your denim version, but these are adorable! I love this pattern and moving it to the top of my wishlist! ;)

Soraia said...

Thanks!! :-)

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