Sunday, April 19, 2015

New tunics for my little ones!

I am a huge fan of Citronille patterns. These were the first patterns I ever used and they never disappoint. Though I agree that the instructions are not beginner-friendly at all, they are pretty okay once you are more experienced. One of the last patterns that I purchased was the Zebulon, which is a boy's tunic. 

I made a tunic for Manuel using a very lightweight denim from Joann's. When I purchased the fabric I failed to buy a matching thread and since I didn't like any contrasting color I had on my stash, I decided to make all finishings by hand, using invisible stitches. I really do not mind hand sewing, so it was not boring at all. 

The lack of matching thread posed another problem when I needed to sew the buttonholes. So again, I had to find a way out and decided to use heavy duty snaps and I couldn't be happier with the result.

I like the design and I adore the fabric, it is so soft and fresh! 

As soon as I finished it I knew I had to do the same tunic for Teresa. This was the first time that I made the exact same pattern (in different sizes) for my kids and I loved it!

Here they are with their new outfits!

One of the reasons why I decided to sew for my kids is because I find it really hard to find matching clothes for boys and girls here in the US, while in Portugal there are a lot of stores that sell matching outfits for brothers ad sisters. Here I have to be a little more creative... For example, they are wearing matching shorts here. I found these shorts in a store on sale and decided to buy them though they are boys' shorts. For Teresa to wear them I just needed to cut them shorter and now they look girly enough, don't you think?

Hope you liked it! :-)


Diana said...

They look so cute! Love that you went with denim for the tunics. This pattern is beautiful! And the shorts look great too. Shortening the hem really made a difference.

Soraia said...

Thank you Diana! :-)

Anonymous said...

Gosto imenso das túnicas, ficaram mesmo giras e ficam lindamente aos dois ;-) Também adoro ganga fininha e usei bastante ultimamente!

Conversas de Hermanas said...

WOWOW à mao!?!?!? Enloqueceste! LOL Ficaram Espectaculares as tunicas!!!

Soraia said...

Lol! obrigada!

Soraia said...

Obrigada! :-)

Anonymous said...

Ficaram tão giras (um dia arranjo uma máquina dessas. deve dar imenso jeito)!
Também gosto imenso dos molde Citronille - não serão os mais fáceis mas também não os acho muito complicados e concordo, ficam sempre bem ;)

Soraia said...

Obrigada! Quando dizes máquina, estás a falar dos snaps? Estes são colocados apenas com um martelo! ;-)

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