Friday, February 13, 2015


Last year I made a very simple skirt for Teresa that I failed to blog about. Now that I am thinking about it, this was the first skirt that I ever made for her. I normally do not like to see little girls with skirts when they still have that baby tummy. It may be just me but I think that when they are little, skirts never fit them properly. We are over that phase now, Teresa is almost 6 and her body is much more slim now. So, I am guessing I will be making a bunch of skirts from now on. She loves them and I think they are more practical to take for school that a dress. 

As I said, this is the most basic skirt you can imagine: two rectangles, rolled hem on the top hem, 10 rows of elastic for shirring and a bow. It took me no more than an hour to have it done and I find it more interesting that a simple skirt with elastic in the waistband.

As mentioned above, I did not use any pattern. The fabric is a flannel in grey and blue plaid and the bow is in corduroy. 

The sweatshirt is the one I made for New Year's Eve. You can see more details on the sweatshirt here.

And for the final look: a heartwarmer (isn't this an adorable name?):

I don't knit! I know how to, but knitting is just not my thing. Yet, my husband's aunt (my aunt), who is a marvelous knitter, came over from Portugal to spend Christmas with us here in the US and while she was here she made a few things for Teresa. I will be showing those precious things here. :-)     

So, her first project was this heartwarmer from Sweet KM that I fell in love with when the last Stylo Magazine was release. I simply adore this!

We bought a 100% merino wool from a local store for this project and I can tell you that this is the most soft and warm piece of knit that I ever laid my hands in. Heaven! :-) 

Hope you like it! :-)


Anonymous said...

Que conjunto adorável! Gosto tanto de tudo :-)

Diana said...

Ficou amoroso! Às vezes as peças mais simples são as mais especiais! :)

Marta said...

Adoro o conjunto. Simples mas cheio de estilo!
Tenho que mostrar as fotografias do casaco à minha mãe para ela fazer um para cada uma das miúdas e, já agora, um para mim também!

Soraia de Sousa Mendes said...

Obrigada!! :-)

Soraia de Sousa Mendes said...

Completamente! Obrigada!! :-)

Soraia de Sousa Mendes said...

Obrigada!! ;-) Marta, segundo a minha tia é facílimo! Ela demorou 2 dias! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Que conjunto tão giro!
Tenho imensa pena de não conseguir tricotar (um dia ...) - o casaco fica mesmo bem com a saia. Deve ficar o máximo na Teresinha ;)

Conversas de Hermanas said...

Adoro o heartwarmer! Aposto que a tua tia ia ter um negocio de sucesso a fazer estes hearwarmers! :)

Magda E. said...

Adorei o conjunto. Realmente a simplicidade vence (quase) sempre. E parabéns à tua tia tb, é uma peça linda.

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