Sunday, February 15, 2015


Here is Teresa's new tunic. I am totally in love with it. The fabric is Michael Miller's Brambleberry Ridge by Violet Craft (purchased here). It is pink and has some adorable golden birds. 

I only bought a yard of it (I guess I can't get used to the fact that my girl is not a baby anymore) and had to do some magic to be able to sew this tunic.

The pattern is Agnes Tunic by Citronille. Due to the lack of fabric I had to make some modifications, like reducing the width of the bodice. Also, I added a peter pan collar. The collar is far from perfect, I had to self draft it, but I though that this fabric was really asking for something with a peter pan collar.  

I think I got a little bit obsessed here and even used golden thread... I just couldn't help it.

Teresa wore her new tunic today with her new denim skirt (more details here).

I am glad that she is finally well and we could have fun outside!

Hope you liked it! :-)


Anonymous said...

A túnica ficou muito gira! Já era fã do molde e este tecido é muito giro. A Teresa ficou com um look so trendy ;-)
Que bom que já está melhor :-)

Diana said...

O tecido é lindíssimo e foi escolha ideal para a túnica. Gosto muito do pormenor da linha dourada. Parabéns!

Patricia B said...

O tecido é maravilhoso, tens toda a razão de estar in love! E adorei a linha dourada, são as tais coisas que fazem a diferença! :-)

Conversas de Hermanas said...

Oh man... those golden button holes matching the fabric... I'm dying! I'm sure Teresa's friends are jealous about that blouse!

Conversas de Hermanas said...

Acho que ha te disse te todas as maneiras possiveis o quanto adoro esta tunica e o tecido.... Faltava por aqui LOL! MARAVILHOSA!

Anonymous said...

Gosto imenso!!
O tecido, o detalhe do fio dourado (perfeito) e claro a modelo ;)

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