Friday, January 9, 2015


I know, I know, it's been almost two weeks already, but it is never too late to wish you all a Healthy, Happy, Successful and Peaceful 2015! 

For the last night of the year 2014, I made new clothing for the children! I had so many doubts about what to make for Teresa to wear that when I finally decided I nearly had no time to complete it. My big indecision was whether I should make her a fancy dress (that she would wear once or twice) or a more practical piece that she could wear more often. I finally decided to make her a sweatshirt and shorts and I am very happy with my decision! This year I will try to be more practical! (I will be telling you all about that in a different post, stay tuned!)

To make the top I used a white cotton knit, from Joann's, a white cotton woven fabric from some old sheets and snaps (I had to use pink snaps because I only had these at home...). 

I did not used a specific pattern for this sweatshirt. I used Heidi & Finn's All you need Jammies Pattern for the top with some modifications: added 1 inch to the collar of the top and made an opening in the back for the snaps. I then added the collar, which are two rectangles with different widths, I also used rolled hems in these triangles, so that the finishing of the collar would be more special. 

To complete Teresa's outfit I made her another version of Willow and Co.'s Clover shorts. I used a lightweight grey corduroy from Robert Kaufman. This pattern offers two versions of the shorts: a more bubbled version (you can see that version here) and a more tailored version. This time I made the tailored version. I like them both!

For Manuel I made some shorts on the same grey corduroy that I used for Teresa's shorts. I used (again I know) the Two Haute Shorts Pattern (I can almost make these with my eyes closed ;-)). But what can I say the pattern is great and he looks so cute in these shorts!!

To complete their outfits, they wore burgundy tights and Teresa wore velvet burgundy shoes as well.

I could't get many pictures of them, because they were so excited that wouldn't stand still. Here they are:


Patricia B said...

Muito giros Soraia! E também gosto muito das mudanças no blogue (já era para te ter dito isto mas esqueci-me)... ;-)

Soraia de Sousa Mendes said...

Obrigada Patricia! :-)

Anonymous said...

Ficaram girissimos. Adoro esta combinação de cores para o Inverno :-)

Soraia de Sousa Mendes said...

Obrigada Maria!

Unknown said...

Sempre sempre giros giros giros
Parabéns 👏👏👏

Unknown said...

Mariana varella

Sara said...

Adoro os dois conjuntos! Clássicos e maravilhosos!

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