Wednesday, January 21, 2015


When Magda invited me to be a part of her Refashion Week series, I was so excited! I have been following Magda's blog for a couple of years, and I think she is so creative and talented! Magda is a real pro in what comes to recycling "old" clothes. I, on the other hand, had never done it before. 

The first step was to find something to refashion. I moved from Portugal to the US last year and only brought the essential stuff (clothes, books and toys), meaning that I could not find in my closet anything that I am not wearing. So... I had to take a look at hubbies' closet.. and there I could find a lot (in my own personal view) of stuff that could be refashioned. He agreed to spare me a very old shirt that he wore for the last time like 5 years ago! 

I cut the shirt and lay down all the pieces (praying throughout the process) to make sure that I had enough fabric to make a Mulberry Tunic for Manel in size 3. It wasn't easy, I wasn't able to match the plaid, but I really like the result.

It is kind of funny to see Manuel wearing his father's old shirt and I think he looks really cool.

I really enjoyed all the process, it was really fun and it got me hooked!

Thank you Magda for having me! To see what other very talented Portuguese ladies made in this series, be sure to visit Magda's blog

And now head over to Conversas de Hermanas! You can't miss what Rita made for her (so charming!) little boy!

Friday, January 9, 2015


2014 was a great year for our family! We moved to the US at the end of 2013, so we had some challenges ahead of us at the beginning of 2014, but it all went very well! We all adapted quite easily to our new home, new schools, new workplaces, new friends, new culture, new food, new life! It is not easy to be away from our closed ones, but we think we made the right choice!

In terms of sewing, 2014 was also great! Check out below what I've accomplished!

I mastered old techniques, learned new ones, discovered many inspiring blogs, created my own blog and the cherry on the top of the cake: made new sewing friends that inspire me so much and give me the motivation to do more! ;-)

In 2015 I want to:

1 - Learn more!

2 - Experiment more!
3 - Use more fabric in solid colors!
4 - Use different colors, like... yellow! 
5 - Sew more for my son!
6 - Sew something for me!

Let's see how that goes! 


I know, I know, it's been almost two weeks already, but it is never too late to wish you all a Healthy, Happy, Successful and Peaceful 2015! 

For the last night of the year 2014, I made new clothing for the children! I had so many doubts about what to make for Teresa to wear that when I finally decided I nearly had no time to complete it. My big indecision was whether I should make her a fancy dress (that she would wear once or twice) or a more practical piece that she could wear more often. I finally decided to make her a sweatshirt and shorts and I am very happy with my decision! This year I will try to be more practical! (I will be telling you all about that in a different post, stay tuned!)

To make the top I used a white cotton knit, from Joann's, a white cotton woven fabric from some old sheets and snaps (I had to use pink snaps because I only had these at home...). 

I did not used a specific pattern for this sweatshirt. I used Heidi & Finn's All you need Jammies Pattern for the top with some modifications: added 1 inch to the collar of the top and made an opening in the back for the snaps. I then added the collar, which are two rectangles with different widths, I also used rolled hems in these triangles, so that the finishing of the collar would be more special. 

To complete Teresa's outfit I made her another version of Willow and Co.'s Clover shorts. I used a lightweight grey corduroy from Robert Kaufman. This pattern offers two versions of the shorts: a more bubbled version (you can see that version here) and a more tailored version. This time I made the tailored version. I like them both!

For Manuel I made some shorts on the same grey corduroy that I used for Teresa's shorts. I used (again I know) the Two Haute Shorts Pattern (I can almost make these with my eyes closed ;-)). But what can I say the pattern is great and he looks so cute in these shorts!!

To complete their outfits, they wore burgundy tights and Teresa wore velvet burgundy shoes as well.

I could't get many pictures of them, because they were so excited that wouldn't stand still. Here they are: