Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Hope everyone had a peaceful, healthy and merry Christmas! We stayed in Houston, so we did not get the chance to be with our families. Yet, thanks to skype, it almost felt as if our family was here with us.

Alike last year (though I never blogged about them...), I managed to make matching pajamas for Teresa and Manuel. 

The fabric is a jersey blend knit from Girl Charlee. I choose red and green for Teresa and 
blue and green for Manuel. 

The fabric is very soft and I really love the print. The only issue is that this jersey only has 30% stretch, which can be problematic depending on the pattern used.

I used the Heidi and Finn's All you need Jammies. I think this pattern is perfect! It comes with a number of options: long sleeve t-shirt, t-shirt, leggings, lounge pants, shorts, gathered t-shirt and nightgown.  So, if you have this pattern you really do not need to buy any other pattern for knit pajamas. The instructions are also clear and the construction is flawless. Perfection! 

I chose the long-sleeve shirt with leggings for both Teresa and Manuel.

The pattern asked for a fabric with at least a 50% stretch, which was a problem, since my fabric only had 30%. I decided to use one size up, 5 for Manuel (which fits a 4) and 10 for Teresa (which would fit a size 8 with a different fabric). I was a little worried, but it worked! 

I like how they turned out and most importantly Teresa and Manuel don't want to take them off. 

You may have noticed that I made a mistake when cutting Manuel's t-shirt and the pattern is upside down... 

It took me a while to convince him that frogs and castles are way cooler that reindeers and hearts...but he was convinced!) Uff...

Happy Holidays!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

First Japanese Sewing Week

Welcome to the First Japanese Sewing Week!

I love Japanese Sewing Books. This is because of their timeless patterns and clean aesthetic. I bought my first book, Yoshiko Tsukiori's "Girls Style Book", around 2 years ago and this is still one of my favorite sewing books. From this book, so far I made many Tunics A (here, here and here) and one Tunic C (here). 

Soon after, I bought Ruriko Yamana's "Happy Homemade: Sew Chic Kids" and from this book I made the lovely Ribbon Tied-blouse (here) and the Knee-length Shorts for my boy (not blogged yet). Love this book. 

After using these books, I realized that I needed to buy every Japanese sewing book available in English at Amazon.com so I purchased Yuki Araki's "Sew Sweet Handmade Clothes for Girls", Yoshiko Tsukiori's "Sewing for your Girls" and "Girly Style Wardrobe" and more recently, Akiko Mano's "Linen, Wool, Cotton Kids". 

On top of this, my sweet friend Rita gave me Yoshiko Tsukiori's "Stylish Dress Book". 

So, here's my precious collection!

The "Stylish Dress Book" has women patterns. Sewing for myself isn't something that I had in the plans when I started to sew. Yet, the idea started to grow in my mind last year, and I even tried two pdf patterns, but did not like how they turned out. 

Yet, when Sara first talked about the idea of organizing a Japanese Sewing Week, I thought I should give it a try and now I am so happy that I did!

So, enough bla bla bla: here is what I made for myself:

I made pattern F: Tunic dress with slit sleeves. 

This is a basic A line dress with two really cute features: the neckline and the slit sleeves. This can be worn as a dress or as a tunic like I did here. 

I am so happy with the result. This is exactly the type of garment that I use regularly. Because of my past bad experiences, I was really anxious to see how it would fit me and it is perfect! I made the tunic in size 8, which is the size I use for my RTW clothes. I did not make any changes or adjustments, except for the length which I shortened a little (around an inch). 

The instructions in the book are not very detailed. They basically, list the steps that need to be taken. Yet, it does have very helpful diagrams to help us with the more tricky parts. In this case, the construction of the tunic is very simple and for neckline and sleeves, the book has very clear diagrams. 

The only think that I dislike (which is common to all books and many magazines as well), is that the seam allowances are not included. It is fairly easy to add them, but it is a bit boring :-).

For the fabric, I used Dowry by Ana Maria Horner's for Westminster Fibers. I found this fabric on sale at the International Quilt Market and just couldn't resist to the print. Love it. The cotton is really soft, but I think is not very appropriate for apparel. Next time I will have to look for a different fabric. 

Anyways, I really enjoyed sewing for myself and I now I really want to try other (all) patterns of this book. 

Hope you liked it! 

Now, the good news: thanks to Tuttle Publishing and Urban Sew, our amazing sponsors, there is a giveaway running along with this tour! There will be three lucky winners. Each winner will win one of the following prizes: 

- One pack of 2 two Japanese Sewing books from Tuttle Publishing
- One pack of 2 two Japanese Sewing books from Tuttle Publishing
- A $40 fabric voucher from Urban Sew 

All you have to do is to try your chances by entering the Rafflecopter below. The more entries you validate the more chances you have to win!

The giveaway will be open from November 16 to November 25.

Good luck!

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Now, if you haven't already, you must check what the other amazing bloggers are making in this series and get ready because you will be astonished… 








Friday, October 23, 2015


Ottobre Design, the Finnish sewing magazine is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year. As such, a group of 15 Portuguese sewing bloggers friends thought that it could be fun if all of us would sew a project from a magazine. We have been thinking about this for a while, but October just seemed the right month to do it. 

This was the first time that I sewed something from Ottobre Design. There are mainly two reasons for this. On the one hand, I can't easily find them here in the US, at least at a reasonable price, hence I only have two issues. On the other hand, most of the patterns that can be found in the magazine are designed for knits and I don't usually sew with knits, I guess I am more of a woven person. 

That said, I am very very happy with the pattern that I chose.  

I opted for a knit dress from Issue No. 4/2015. The dress has a very simple design, but the front pin tuck and the side pockets make it really special. 

I used a grey knit for the dress and quilted knit with hearts for the pockets. Both fabrics are from Joann's. 

After finishing the dress, the collar seemed way too simple, so I decided to make a reversible collar, using the quilting knit on one side and some liberty tana lawn cotton on the other side.  

Wednesday, October 21, 2015


My baby boy turned 4 this month! :-) I decided I would make new pants and a new shirt for him to use on his birthday, but eventually, I was only able to finish the pants.... I cut the shirt and started sewing it, but the fabric is too lightweight and my machine decided to eat it instead of sewing it... maybe I should have changed the needle or do some voodoo, or something, but the fact is that I have zero tolerance to sewing machine moods. Something tells me that if I go and try to finish the shirt now, I will have no problems... anyways, I really need to invest on more sewing patterns for my son, because I keep on repeating the same ones over and over again... 

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Happy Birthday Sara!

Long time no see... I know, I know! I intend to post some of the outfits that I have been making for my kids soon on the blog, but today's post is different... 

There is someone, who unfortunately I never met in person, who has always been very kind to me. We "met" at a Portuguese facebook group and she always made very nice comments to my posts. Afterwards, she started following me on Instagram and eventually was the first person to comment on my blog! She doesn't know this, but her kind words every time I posted something I made, either on facebook or instagram, were essential in my decision to create a blog. So, basically, if you are reading this, its because of her. :-)

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Summer Sewing - Part I

It has been a while, I know... I have been sewing, but taking photographs has been proving to be a very difficult task. Teresa hasn't been on a mood, and I think I should not insist on this. Earlier this week, after folowing a friendly advice, I decided to bribe her and it worked!!! It was a really small bribe, so I am sure no harm is done.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Summer is here!

Summer has definitively arrived to Houston. The days are getting really hot so the kids are in desperate need of light clothes. This means that I need to get my hands on new fabric and produce new clothes!! Also, we will be going to Portugal next month on vacation and I need to get their summer wardrobe done really fast! 

Last week I managed to sew Teresa a blouse and a skirt. I really love how they turned out. 

I think this outfit totally defines my style. I prefer loose fit tops (that is why you won´t see many knits around here) and I love skirts and dresses (though I admit that shorts are much better to play). Finally, I prefer light colors to dark ones (won't see much black around here... ;-).

Monday, May 4, 2015



I have been feeling really tired in the past few weeks and though I have acquired many new patterns recently, I haven't got the energy to print them, glue them, cut them so I can finally cut the fabric. I really love to sew, but those preliminaries are just way too boring! So, when I am really in the mood to sew but not at all in the mood to cut patterns, I simply use a pattern that has already been tested. And so I made my third version of Oliver and S' After School Pants! So far this is my favorite pattern for girl pants. 

Monday, April 20, 2015

Kids Clothes Week - Day 1 - Japanese Ribbon-tied Blouse

Its Kids Clothes Week again! Hooray! Can´t wait to start seeing what everyone is making this week. This is always such an inspiring event. This season the theme is Wild Animals... I like the theme, but I think I will not be able to make anything related to it... again! :-(

Anyway, for day-1, I made a blouse for Teresa. I am totally addicted to Japanese sewing books, I think by now, I have all books (with kids patterns) that are available in English... a little bit obsessed I know..

This blouse is from Happy Homemade: Sew Chic Kids, and is the ribbon-tied blouse.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

New tunics for my little ones!

I am a huge fan of Citronille patterns. These were the first patterns I ever used and they never disappoint. Though I agree that the instructions are not beginner-friendly at all, they are pretty okay once you are more experienced. One of the last patterns that I purchased was the Zebulon, which is a boy's tunic. 

I made a tunic for Manuel using a very lightweight denim from Joann's. When I purchased the fabric I failed to buy a matching thread and since I didn't like any contrasting color I had on my stash, I decided to make all finishings by hand, using invisible stitches. I really do not mind hand sewing, so it was not boring at all. 

Friday, March 13, 2015


My blogging friend Patricia (Pequeno Mundo a 3) is having a baby girl next month! What an excitement!! I haven´t met Patricia in person yet (we live in different continents), but I can tell you she is one of the sweetest persons you can find in the blogging world! :-) 

So... what is better that surprise Patricia with a virtual baby shower?? Nothing, right? Wrong! What about making baby clothes for Patricia's new Baby? Cool, right? Can you imagine an even better surprise? Make matching clothes for her older daughter! Yeah! 

So... Patricia, here we go: 

For your little baby, I made the "Barboteuse" and a matching cap. Both patterns are from Citronille's Intemporels pour Bebes.

And for Miss Caracolinos I made the Dress A from Girls Style Book

Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Scroll down for the English text. :-)

Em Novembro passado a minha amiga Patricia, do Pequeno Mundo a 3 teve uma ideia brilhante: juntarmos um grupo de entusiastas da costura para fazer uns presentes de Natal para os meninos e as suas mães da instituição Mums and Kids (*)...  

A ideia era, em vez de oferecer roupa usada, o que já muitos de nós fazemos, fazer roupa nova feita à mão e pensada especialmente para cada uma das crianças! Claro que achei a ideia maravilhosa e não podia deixar de participar. 

A Patricia encarregou-se de saber os nomes e idades das crianças e a mim calhou-me um menino de 5 anos. o G. 

Escolher o que fazer não foi difícil, porque eu também tenho um miúdo cá em casa. Comecei por fazer um pijama igual ao que fiz para o Manel, em malha, com a camisola branca e calças com carros de bombeiros. Mas depois entusiasmei-me e fiz também um saco para guardar o pijama.

Depois pensei que se calhar o G preferia ter roupa nova para levar para a rua, por isso fiz-lhe uma camisa de ganga e umas calças de bombazine.

Para a camisa usei uma ganga finhinha e como molde usei a Mulberry Tunic da Willow and Co. (já usei este molde "n" vezes e adoro!). Para as calças usei uma bombazina verde seco e usei o molde Ursule da Citronille. 

Como estou nos EUA, não tive oportunidade de entregar os presentes pessoalmente, mas a Patrícia tratou de tudo! As crianças já receberam os seus presentes e penso que gostaram. Eu adorei! E quero muito voltar a fazer! 

Existem tantas formas de podermos proporcionar um sorriso a famílias que estão a passar um período menos bom nas suas vidas e esta foi só uma. Mas estou completamente convencida que estes pequenos gestos fazem imensa diferença!

Já agora, vejam o que as minhas amigas também fizeram:

Pequeno Mundo a 3

Do Guincho 
Fairies, Bubbles and Co.
S is for Sewing
Conversas de Hermanas 
Made by Sara
Rita Pirolita
Saídos da Concha
House of Estrela 

(*)A Mums and Kids é um centro de acolhimento temporário para mães e crianças em situação de risco e exclusão social. A capacidade da casa é de 16 utentes (incluindo as mães e crianças) e durante o período em que estão nesta casa (máximo 2 anos) o objectivo é que estas pequenas familias vivam num ambiente familiar com alguma autonomia. Depois de estarem nesta casa, espera-se que as familias estejam mais capacitadas para a sua reinserção na sociedade. Para mais informação ou se quiserem contribuir de qualquer forma, visitem a página aqui ou a página no facebook aqui.


Last November, my sewing friend Patricia (Pequeno Mundo a 3) had a brilliant idea: what about getting together some sewing enthusiasts to make Christmas presents for the children and moms of a Charity called Mums and Kids (*)...  

The idea was to make brand new handmade clothes to these children, specially thought for each of them, instead of giving them second-hand clothes, which is something that most of us already do. I thought the idea was perfect and I could't say no.  

Patricia got the names and ages of all the children and I got to sew for a 5-year old boy: "G" 

Choosing what to sew was not hard at all, since I also have a little boy at home. I started by making pajamas, just like those that I made to my son Manel. I used a white knit for the top and a print with fire trucks for the pants. I then got carried away and also made a bag to keep the pajamas. 

But then I thought that maybe "G" would prefer to have something he could wear outside to play. So I made him a denim shirt and corduroy pants. 

For the shirt, I used a lightweight denim from Joann's and the pattern is the Mulberry Tunic from Willow and Co. (I've used this pattern before and love it!). For the pants I used lightweight corduroy also from Joann's and the pattern is the Ursule pants from Citronille. 

Since I live in the US, Patricia had to take care of getting the presents to the children. Thank you Patricia! The kids got their presents and apparently they liked it very much. I loved to be a part of this project and definitely want to do it again!  

There are so many ways to bring happiness to someone that is being through a rough time, this was just one. But I am totally convinced that these small gestures can make a difference. 

Now go check what my sewing friends made:

Pequeno Mundo a 3

Do Guincho 
Fairies, Bubbles and Co.
S is for Sewing
Conversas de Hermanas 
Made by Sara
Rita Pirolita
Saídos da Concha
House of Estrela 

(*)Mums and Kids is a temporary foster home for moms and their children, who were identified as being at risk and struggling with social exclusion. The house has a capacity to receive 16 people (moms and children), who can stay here for a maximum period of 2 years. The purpose of the house is to provide these families with a family-like environment, with a certain degree of autonomy. Living here should help these families prepare themselves to "go back to society". 

For more information of if you want to contribute in any way, please visit their website here or their facebook page here.

Sunday, February 22, 2015


I am surely not the only one to be in love with the design of Japanese clothes and the styling of Japanese sewing books. I have four of them and want to make every single project. They are all so cool! Despite the fact that I love the books, until now I had only made one project (the A top from Sew Chic Kids), I made several versions of that same top, but had never adventured my self in other projects, I don't really know why, laziness I guess...  

Sunday, February 15, 2015


Here is Teresa's new tunic. I am totally in love with it. The fabric is Michael Miller's Brambleberry Ridge by Violet Craft (purchased here). It is pink and has some adorable golden birds. 

I only bought a yard of it (I guess I can't get used to the fact that my girl is not a baby anymore) and had to do some magic to be able to sew this tunic.

The pattern is Agnes Tunic by Citronille. Due to the lack of fabric I had to make some modifications, like reducing the width of the bodice. Also, I added a peter pan collar. The collar is far from perfect, I had to self draft it, but I though that this fabric was really asking for something with a peter pan collar.  

I think I got a little bit obsessed here and even used golden thread... I just couldn't help it.

Teresa wore her new tunic today with her new denim skirt (more details here).

I am glad that she is finally well and we could have fun outside!

Hope you liked it! :-)

Friday, February 13, 2015

The Holly Dress by Audrey & Tiffany

I was very lucky to get the chance to sew the new Audrey & Tiffany's digital pattern: The Holly Dress. (Thank you Allison and Deb!) The Holly Dress was designed by Allison from E+M Patterns and Deb Zalesky from Sprouting Jube Jube. Actually, this is not the first time that these very talented ladies get together to create a beautiful design. Last year, they made the Secret Garden Dress, which is so adorable. Check it out here.

The Holly Dress has a squared neck and an empire waist. It comes with 2 options for the bodice: pintucks or gathers; and it joins the 1/4 circle skirt with a contrasting band (I skipped that part though). The back closes with buttons and loops.


I chose the pintucks and I think they look adorable. I love the neckline and the little buttons on the back.

For the fabric I used Darlene Zimmerman's Lazy Daisy Basket (Robert Kaufman) in pink and red, that I purchased at my local store. This fabric is really soft. :-) 

If you are thinking of buying this pattern, please note that there is a 25% discount ending tomorrow, February 14! To get the discount, make sure to use the code ""HOLLY". You can also use the same discount to buy the gorgeous Secret Garden! Aren't these great news?   

Also, make sure to check other beautiful versions of the same dress herehere and here.


Last year I made a very simple skirt for Teresa that I failed to blog about. Now that I am thinking about it, this was the first skirt that I ever made for her. I normally do not like to see little girls with skirts when they still have that baby tummy. It may be just me but I think that when they are little, skirts never fit them properly. We are over that phase now, Teresa is almost 6 and her body is much more slim now. So, I am guessing I will be making a bunch of skirts from now on. She loves them and I think they are more practical to take for school that a dress. 

As I said, this is the most basic skirt you can imagine: two rectangles, rolled hem on the top hem, 10 rows of elastic for shirring and a bow. It took me no more than an hour to have it done and I find it more interesting that a simple skirt with elastic in the waistband.

As mentioned above, I did not use any pattern. The fabric is a flannel in grey and blue plaid and the bow is in corduroy. 

The sweatshirt is the one I made for New Year's Eve. You can see more details on the sweatshirt here.

And for the final look: a heartwarmer (isn't this an adorable name?):

I don't knit! I know how to, but knitting is just not my thing. Yet, my husband's aunt (my aunt), who is a marvelous knitter, came over from Portugal to spend Christmas with us here in the US and while she was here she made a few things for Teresa. I will be showing those precious things here. :-)     

So, her first project was this heartwarmer from Sweet KM that I fell in love with when the last Stylo Magazine was release. I simply adore this!

We bought a 100% merino wool from a local store for this project and I can tell you that this is the most soft and warm piece of knit that I ever laid my hands in. Heaven! :-) 

Hope you like it! :-)

Thursday, February 5, 2015


It's Kids Clothes Week!!! You probably know the rules by now: sew 1 hour a day for 7 days! This season, the theme (non mandatory) is "Recycle". Although I would love the opportunity to do some recycling again the truth is I don´t currently have any clothes that I could re-use. This is normally good - I love the fact that in our new house we only have the things that we actually need, nothing more nothing less - but in this case it would be real fun to make some refashion again. As such, this time I could not follow the theme. 

Anyway, although I have been able to sew around an hour each day I haven't been able to accomplish a lot. Also, my girl is sick, with a bug in her tummy, so I wasn't able to get her to try her new skirt and take pictures. Luckily I bought a dress form a week a go and it arrived just in time for me to show Teresa's new skirt. Here it is:

I did not use any pattern this time. I saw a similar skirt in a girl on Instagram and I though it was just too cute and easy to put together. Basically, it is a gathered skirt with a waistband with elastic in the back. 

In my opinion, the cutest details are the braces and the wood buttons.

I used a lightweight denim from Joann's. It is very soft... and that's it! Simple, easy and quick to sew. By the way the top is the Hemlock Top that I made a couple of months ago. You can check it here. In here I  love it! I am hoping Teresa loves it too. 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


When Magda invited me to be a part of her Refashion Week series, I was so excited! I have been following Magda's blog for a couple of years, and I think she is so creative and talented! Magda is a real pro in what comes to recycling "old" clothes. I, on the other hand, had never done it before. 

The first step was to find something to refashion. I moved from Portugal to the US last year and only brought the essential stuff (clothes, books and toys), meaning that I could not find in my closet anything that I am not wearing. So... I had to take a look at hubbies' closet.. and there I could find a lot (in my own personal view) of stuff that could be refashioned. He agreed to spare me a very old shirt that he wore for the last time like 5 years ago! 

I cut the shirt and lay down all the pieces (praying throughout the process) to make sure that I had enough fabric to make a Mulberry Tunic for Manel in size 3. It wasn't easy, I wasn't able to match the plaid, but I really like the result.

It is kind of funny to see Manuel wearing his father's old shirt and I think he looks really cool.

I really enjoyed all the process, it was really fun and it got me hooked!

Thank you Magda for having me! To see what other very talented Portuguese ladies made in this series, be sure to visit Magda's blog

And now head over to Conversas de Hermanas! You can't miss what Rita made for her (so charming!) little boy!