Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Today is Pajama's Day at Teresa preschool! I was only informed of this yesterday afternoon, when I picked her up. Advising on such a short notice that our kids need to go to school on their pajamas may be ok for most mums, but that is definitely not ok for a sewing mum. If Teresa needed to go to school on her pajamas, for me this meant that I need to make her new special pajamas!
Luckily I had some cotton knit on my stash that I knew Teresa would love to take to school. So, after putting the children to bed I was able to make her new pajamas! I used Heidi & Finn's All you need Jammies pattern. This pattern is great, it has a lot of versions and the instructions are really helpful. So far, this is my favorite pattern for knits. I opted for a full tee and leggings, but I also wish to try the lounge pants and the gathered tee! For the fabric, I used 100% cotton jersey purchased at Joann’s. I added three little pink heart buttons to the top, because I knew she would love that.

She was so happy and proud when she saw it this morning!
Last week I also managed to sew a couple of pajamas for Manuel. I used the same pattern and also 100% cotton jersey from Joann's. I also added some cute lion and tractor buttons, for him to play. He loved it! Sadly, I wasn't able to get any proper photos. Sorry!

So, here are the three pajamas!


Patricia B said...

Soraia, estão tãoooo giros! Adoro... que pena que aqui as malhas sejam uma desgraça!

Soraia de Sousa Mendes said...

Obrigada! Encontrei estas na Joann's, mas também não havia mais nada...

Anonymous said...

Girissimo! E numa noite?
Os do Manuel também ficaram tão giros - por aqui é tão dificil encontrar malhas :(

Conversas de Hermanas said...

Valeu a pena a noitada! Estao um maximo!

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