Saturday, November 29, 2014


Although I have not been blogging about it, I have been sewing a lot. Yet, my kids are not always into taking pictures, so sometimes it is really hard to sew, dress them, take pictures and blog about it shortly after. I know you can relate to this! Anyway, I managed to sew complete outfits for Teresa and Manuel for Thanksgiving. I made two shirts and two shorts! 

For Manuel I (once again) used Citronille's Balthasar shirt pattern. I like the cut and the fit of this shirt so I keep on doing it over and over again. This time, to be able to match it with Teresa's blouse, I used a different fabric in the placket. I also used some wood buttons. I loved the result. 

For Teresa I used (also once again! Don't get me wrong I purchase a lot of new patterns, but once I get one that I like, I like to test different versions of it) the Compagnie M's Mara Blouse. This is a great pattern, I already blogged about it here

The fabric used for both shirts are white viyella purchased here and a beautiful Japanese floral cotton lawn from Farmhouse fabrics.

I wanted to coordinate the shirts with some shorts, since the weather still allows it. For Manuel I used the Two Haute Shorts pattern (Thank you Rita (Conversas de Hermanas) for the tip!). This pattern is great, it has three versions: shorts with or without the sash and a skort, this way it can be adapted for both boys and girls. The shorts are very easy and quick to sew and the result is perfect! 

For Teresa I made Willow and Co.'s Clover shorts. I have been wanting to sew these shorts for a while and finally manged to do it. The instructions are very very clear, and I loved the result. They are very loose, so perfect for playing around. Teresa loved them. I will definitely be making some more!  

For both shorts, I used a lightweight green corduroy from Joann's.

Here are the two with their new outfits! Aren't they cute?

Thursday, November 13, 2014


I wanted to use Compagnie M's Mara Blouse pattern for a while now. I loved Marta Do Guincho's version, but always thought that the pattern was difficult to put together (I couldn't be more wrong!). So when I saw the version that Pequeno mundo a três' Patricia made last week, I decided to give it a try and I am very happy that I did. This pattern offers a lot of possibilities: a top or a dress, with short sleeves or long sleeves, with or without ruffles. I decided to try the long sleeve top and I couldn’t be happier with the result.

The blouse has very cute details: the pin tucks, the buttons and the yoke. The instructions are very clear, so making it was super easy.
 Teresa is 5, but she is quite tall, so I decided to make a size 7, which fits perfectly. I used cotton voile, purchased at Joann's in blue. The fabric is very lightweight (and so unappropriated for today's weather!), but I just couldn't resist this print. I Love it! I am sure she will wear in a lot during spring!

Besides sewing, the next best thing for me, is choosing what my children will wear each day... is it just me??

Saturday, November 8, 2014


Well, I have a confession to make. I have been discussing with my husband for well over a year whether or not I should create a blog to record the thinks I sew for my children. Somehow, I never had the urge to do it... that was until I read about the I (heart) Marcel Marlier sew along! So, basically, what motivated me to create a blog was the opportunity to participate in this sew along! And why, you may ask? Well, I believe I read all books ever written by Marcel Marlier for the "Anita" collection. I still have all those books at my parents' house in Portugal and this book collection was probably the first collection I have ever made. So, for me, this sew along, was the kick that I needed to make this blog!
So, my idea was to try to recreate, as close as possible, an outfit wore by Anita in one of those books. I don't have any book at home here in the US, so, I had to stick with what I was able to find online. One of the first images that I found was one of Anita with a boy. I thought it would be perfect: I would get to sew not only for Teresa but also for Manuel! Here is the picture that I used as an inspiration:

Due to the weather conditions around here, I have not been able to take pictures of Teresa and Manuel outside. I wanted to go to a park to try to recreate the picture above, but it is too cold for that now, meaning that I had to improvise an indoor photo-shoot. Teresa is always ready for a photo, but Manuel hates it, so getting a picture of two together was really hard.

For Teresa's dress, I used red corduroy (Kaufman 21 Wale Corduroy) and seersucker in plaid for the lining (Kaufman plaid seersucker). The pattern is Straight-grain's Hanami top or dress. This pattern is great. I have already sewed the Hanami top (you can check it here) and this time I made the dress version with the invisible zipper. It was the first time that I included a zipper in clothes and, surprisingly, I found it very easy to do (maybe it was just beginners luck...). I really like the way it turned out, it is very elegant and fits beautifully. I made it in size 7 (though Teresa is a size 6), so that she can use it during the winter with a blouse or a sweater underneath.  

For Manuel I decided for a tunic and pants. For the tunic I used Willow and Co's Mulberry Tunic in white linen (I already showed this tunic here).

For the pants I decided to try Citronille's Ursule pants, also in linen, bought here. I love these pants, they are very easy and quick to sew and are super comfortable and cool for both a boy or a girl. I love the way they fit Manuel. 

I am really happy with the two outfits! :-) Hope you like it too!

Monday, November 3, 2014


Fall has finally arrived. The weather is now becoming a little chillier and I really need to speed up my fall and winter sewing. This weekend I managed to sew a vest for Teresa. The pattern was self-drafted, based on Citronille's Balthasar shirt and I followed a tutorial made by an “online friend” from a Portuguese facebook sew along group. Thanks Andreia Salgueiro for the wonderful tutorial! Here it is:

The vest was constructed as a quilt: it has three layers of fabric (main fabric, quilting bating and lining). Before constructing the vest, we need to quilt the fabric, which was the most fun part! Coincidently, last week I went to the International Quilts Market here in Houston and now all I think about is making a quilt... and making this vest did not help... I think I really need to make one now! :-) 

Teresa was very sleepy this morning (Mondays are always rough around here!), so I wasn’t' really able to get a smile from here, but I can tell you that she really liked her new vest!

The fabric is once again Tanya Whelan (I am such a fan of her prints!) and I used this 100% quilting bating. For the lining I used white cotton (from old sheets). Hope you like it.