Saturday, October 18, 2014


Dressing kids in matching clothes is considered, by some: old fashioned and corny and by others: very cute! I am with the last group! J Back in Portugal most Portuguese clothing brands have matching outfits for boys and girls, so it is rather common for brothers and sisters to dress alike. Here in Houston, not so much... I have been here a year now, and so far I have not found any store where I can find matching clothes for my children... even at Gap it is difficult to find jeans with the same denim or even the same color. Anyway, not being able to find matching clothes will not stop me... challenge accepted! After my arrival here I decided that except for jeans, sweaters and coats, most of my kids clothes would be sewed by me... if possible with matching outfits! So, here we go. The first matching outfit I did was a shirt for little Manuel and overalls for Teresa.

I used Citronille's Balthasar pattern for Manuel's shirt and Teresa's overalls were self drafted. The fabric used in the shirt is a cotton seersucker in aqua and the overalls are in a Tanya Whelan's print (love Tanya Whelans' prints!).

Here they are at a crawfish party!

Matching outfits reminds me so much of the Sound of Music, one of my favorite movies ever! Is this oldfashioned or just too cute?


Sara said...

Definitely too cute!! :)
O macacão ficou muito bonito! Os tecidos da Tanya Whelans são realmente super amorosos.
E os moldes da Citronille são fantásticos!

Soraia de Sousa Mendes said...

Obrigada! :-)

sonhosdelua said...

lindos!!!!!! adoro tudo!!!

Anonymous said...

In my opinion... too cute and I don't mind being called old fashioned for that ;-)

Anonymous said...

Haha, eu assumi no blog a minha "doença" por por os miúdos a fazer pan-dan. Acho que cá em Portugal já se usou mais, mas eu também adoro. Ter um menino e uma menina torna o desafio ainda mais interessante. Acho que somos um bocadinho almas gémeas da costura ;-)

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