Monday, December 29, 2014


Christmas calls for special outfits! Although I have been sewing for some years for my children, this year was the first time that I made them their Christmas outfits. I always bought them traditional outfits from Portuguese brands, but, though I may be a little (a lot) biased, I think they have never been so well dressed! ;-)
Teresa wore a red corduroy dress with a white shirt, blue tights and blue velvet shoes. I used Straight-Grains' Hanami dress pattern. I made this dress a couple of months ago for the I heart Marcel Marlier series (when I made the dress, I already knew this was the one she was going to wear on Christmas Eve). The fabric is a lightweight red corduroy from Robert Kaufman. I wanted to add a belt also in red corduroy with a white ribbbig, but was unable to finish it on time...

For Manel I made shorts with the same red Robert Kaufman corduroy I used for Teresa's dress. I used the Two Haute Shorts pattern. Although this pattern is intended for girls, it is perfect for boys also! This is my second version so far! (you can see my first version here) I love it!

Here they are with their outfits. Cute right?

Thursday, December 11, 2014


I have only recently started to sew with knits. I always thought one needed a professional sewing machine and professional skills to sew with knits, so this was something that I never thought I would try. I have said it before: I couldn´t be more wrong! Though I have a serger, one does not really need a serger to make a t-shirt. Anyway, for me, sewing with knits went from a intimidating idea to an addiction. I can't get enough of it...

Although I have a ton of projects that I want to make with knits... I couldn't resist trying another version of Willow and Co's Aster Cardigan. I had some trouble with my first version, not because of the pattern, which is GREAT, but because of the fabric that was very slippery. You can see that version here. This time, I used a mid-weight cotton knit from Joann’s and the fabric was much easier to work with. It is far from perfect (don't look too closer to the collar, please!), but I will get there! :-)

The original pattern as a 3/4 sleeve and is short, so, to be worn during winter, I decided to increase the length of both the top and the sleeves for about two inches. Once again, the fit was perfect and very comfortable! Teresa loves it! 

 Hope you like it too! :-)

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Today is Pajama's Day at Teresa preschool! I was only informed of this yesterday afternoon, when I picked her up. Advising on such a short notice that our kids need to go to school on their pajamas may be ok for most mums, but that is definitely not ok for a sewing mum. If Teresa needed to go to school on her pajamas, for me this meant that I need to make her new special pajamas!
Luckily I had some cotton knit on my stash that I knew Teresa would love to take to school. So, after putting the children to bed I was able to make her new pajamas! I used Heidi & Finn's All you need Jammies pattern. This pattern is great, it has a lot of versions and the instructions are really helpful. So far, this is my favorite pattern for knits. I opted for a full tee and leggings, but I also wish to try the lounge pants and the gathered tee! For the fabric, I used 100% cotton jersey purchased at Joann’s. I added three little pink heart buttons to the top, because I knew she would love that.

She was so happy and proud when she saw it this morning!
Last week I also managed to sew a couple of pajamas for Manuel. I used the same pattern and also 100% cotton jersey from Joann's. I also added some cute lion and tractor buttons, for him to play. He loved it! Sadly, I wasn't able to get any proper photos. Sorry!

So, here are the three pajamas!

Saturday, November 29, 2014


Although I have not been blogging about it, I have been sewing a lot. Yet, my kids are not always into taking pictures, so sometimes it is really hard to sew, dress them, take pictures and blog about it shortly after. I know you can relate to this! Anyway, I managed to sew complete outfits for Teresa and Manuel for Thanksgiving. I made two shirts and two shorts! 

For Manuel I (once again) used Citronille's Balthasar shirt pattern. I like the cut and the fit of this shirt so I keep on doing it over and over again. This time, to be able to match it with Teresa's blouse, I used a different fabric in the placket. I also used some wood buttons. I loved the result. 

For Teresa I used (also once again! Don't get me wrong I purchase a lot of new patterns, but once I get one that I like, I like to test different versions of it) the Compagnie M's Mara Blouse. This is a great pattern, I already blogged about it here

The fabric used for both shirts are white viyella purchased here and a beautiful Japanese floral cotton lawn from Farmhouse fabrics.

I wanted to coordinate the shirts with some shorts, since the weather still allows it. For Manuel I used the Two Haute Shorts pattern (Thank you Rita (Conversas de Hermanas) for the tip!). This pattern is great, it has three versions: shorts with or without the sash and a skort, this way it can be adapted for both boys and girls. The shorts are very easy and quick to sew and the result is perfect! 

For Teresa I made Willow and Co.'s Clover shorts. I have been wanting to sew these shorts for a while and finally manged to do it. The instructions are very very clear, and I loved the result. They are very loose, so perfect for playing around. Teresa loved them. I will definitely be making some more!  

For both shorts, I used a lightweight green corduroy from Joann's.

Here are the two with their new outfits! Aren't they cute?

Thursday, November 13, 2014


I wanted to use Compagnie M's Mara Blouse pattern for a while now. I loved Marta Do Guincho's version, but always thought that the pattern was difficult to put together (I couldn't be more wrong!). So when I saw the version that Pequeno mundo a três' Patricia made last week, I decided to give it a try and I am very happy that I did. This pattern offers a lot of possibilities: a top or a dress, with short sleeves or long sleeves, with or without ruffles. I decided to try the long sleeve top and I couldn’t be happier with the result.

The blouse has very cute details: the pin tucks, the buttons and the yoke. The instructions are very clear, so making it was super easy.
 Teresa is 5, but she is quite tall, so I decided to make a size 7, which fits perfectly. I used cotton voile, purchased at Joann's in blue. The fabric is very lightweight (and so unappropriated for today's weather!), but I just couldn't resist this print. I Love it! I am sure she will wear in a lot during spring!

Besides sewing, the next best thing for me, is choosing what my children will wear each day... is it just me??

Saturday, November 8, 2014


Well, I have a confession to make. I have been discussing with my husband for well over a year whether or not I should create a blog to record the thinks I sew for my children. Somehow, I never had the urge to do it... that was until I read about the I (heart) Marcel Marlier sew along! So, basically, what motivated me to create a blog was the opportunity to participate in this sew along! And why, you may ask? Well, I believe I read all books ever written by Marcel Marlier for the "Anita" collection. I still have all those books at my parents' house in Portugal and this book collection was probably the first collection I have ever made. So, for me, this sew along, was the kick that I needed to make this blog!
So, my idea was to try to recreate, as close as possible, an outfit wore by Anita in one of those books. I don't have any book at home here in the US, so, I had to stick with what I was able to find online. One of the first images that I found was one of Anita with a boy. I thought it would be perfect: I would get to sew not only for Teresa but also for Manuel! Here is the picture that I used as an inspiration:

Due to the weather conditions around here, I have not been able to take pictures of Teresa and Manuel outside. I wanted to go to a park to try to recreate the picture above, but it is too cold for that now, meaning that I had to improvise an indoor photo-shoot. Teresa is always ready for a photo, but Manuel hates it, so getting a picture of two together was really hard.

For Teresa's dress, I used red corduroy (Kaufman 21 Wale Corduroy) and seersucker in plaid for the lining (Kaufman plaid seersucker). The pattern is Straight-grain's Hanami top or dress. This pattern is great. I have already sewed the Hanami top (you can check it here) and this time I made the dress version with the invisible zipper. It was the first time that I included a zipper in clothes and, surprisingly, I found it very easy to do (maybe it was just beginners luck...). I really like the way it turned out, it is very elegant and fits beautifully. I made it in size 7 (though Teresa is a size 6), so that she can use it during the winter with a blouse or a sweater underneath.  

For Manuel I decided for a tunic and pants. For the tunic I used Willow and Co's Mulberry Tunic in white linen (I already showed this tunic here).

For the pants I decided to try Citronille's Ursule pants, also in linen, bought here. I love these pants, they are very easy and quick to sew and are super comfortable and cool for both a boy or a girl. I love the way they fit Manuel. 

I am really happy with the two outfits! :-) Hope you like it too!

Monday, November 3, 2014


Fall has finally arrived. The weather is now becoming a little chillier and I really need to speed up my fall and winter sewing. This weekend I managed to sew a vest for Teresa. The pattern was self-drafted, based on Citronille's Balthasar shirt and I followed a tutorial made by an “online friend” from a Portuguese facebook sew along group. Thanks Andreia Salgueiro for the wonderful tutorial! Here it is:

The vest was constructed as a quilt: it has three layers of fabric (main fabric, quilting bating and lining). Before constructing the vest, we need to quilt the fabric, which was the most fun part! Coincidently, last week I went to the International Quilts Market here in Houston and now all I think about is making a quilt... and making this vest did not help... I think I really need to make one now! :-) 

Teresa was very sleepy this morning (Mondays are always rough around here!), so I wasn’t' really able to get a smile from here, but I can tell you that she really liked her new vest!

The fabric is once again Tanya Whelan (I am such a fan of her prints!) and I used this 100% quilting bating. For the lining I used white cotton (from old sheets). Hope you like it.